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Have questions about a complex workers’ compensation or personal injury case you’re working on? The team at Samuels Law Firm is ready to help! We have extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. In addition, we are always willing to work with you to bring the best solution for your client.


If you have a difficult workers’ compensation case with difficult legal and factual issues, bring your case to Samuels Law Firm. Stephen Samuels is a certified Mediator. With over twenty years of experience in complex workers’ compensation case – including numerous appeals – he has the experience and know-how to mediate even the most difficult workers’ compensation cases.


Workers’ Compensation presents unique rules and challenges making it decidedly different from a personal injury practice. If you have a complicated case you can’t figure out – or workers’ compensation is not your focus – Stephen Samuels will be happy to review your case and put together a plan to get the best result possible for your client. We can work together with you or take the lead on a joint responsibility arrangement.

A trucking case is not “just another car wreck.” They present complex issues related to federal regulations and state requirements to which trucking companies and their drivers must adhere. As the injuries are catastrophic and the available insurance coverage large, trucking companies retain aggressive law firms who concentrate on trucking defense. Lawsuits must immediately be filed – often in Federal Court. Trucking companies can legally dispose of critical records if spoliation letters are not timely sent and lawsuits not filed, causing irreparable damage to the case. Jason Reynolds defended catastrophic trucking cases for nearly 10 years. He stands ready to help you maximize your client’s recovery under a joint responsibility agreement.


Attorney Stephen Samuels is an experienced appellate lawyer. Over the last twenty years, he has appeared before the South Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals more than thirty times. Although most appeals have involved workers’ compensation, he has also handled appeals on personal injury and insurance coverage cases. We can be involved at any level of your case, from trial or hearing to briefing to oral argument. Cases can be handled on a flat rate or on a contingency fee under a joint responsibility agreement.


We’d be happy to help any fellow lawyers interested in mediation, consulting services, and joint responsibility cases. Reach out to us below or at give us a call at (803) 779-4000 to collaborate about your complicated case.

Samuels Law Firm treated me like family from the beginning to the end of representing me. They treated me with respect. They were always there with close and personal contact. They relieved me of all the stress of legal matters that I myself didn't always understand, returning phone calls, and seeing me when needed. I will highly recommend them to all my family and friends. Thanks Mr. Samuels, Angi, and Katherine.



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