He Really Cares About His Clients

One of best lawyers I’ve ever seen. He really cares about his clients well-being. He works very hard for the client to insure that their needs are taken care of. If ever needed again will not hesitate to call him. Will refer him to anyone I hear needing a workers comp.

Brenda Culick
He Fights For The Best Outcome

Stephen fights for the best outcome for the injured worker. He doesn’t go for the quick dollars if it isn’t the right thing for the long term benefit of the client. I would recommend Mr. Samuel to any person needing representation in a worker’s compensation claim or personal injury case.

Kim Peasley-Parker
I Had a Tough Case!

I had a tough case that most attorneys would have turned down, but Mr. Samuels is not like most attorneys. He knew what he was getting into would be a challenge, but he took it on and persevered. I was impressed with his knowledge and experience, which far exceeded my expectations.


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