We Work for the People who Work
I am really excited to have a blog. Yet, I have to admit it’s a daunting challenge to write something new every time and make it interesting for regular people. As a lawyer, I write a LOT. It’s typical legal stuff – briefs, motions, orders, etc. I enjoy the writing part of my job, yet I can’t say the things I write are all that interesting if you’re not a lawyer. For this first post, I want to share what we believe. To be a really good lawyer, you need an underlying philosophy and belief system. Part of that is founded in faith, but it takes more to define what the Samuels Law Firm is all about. Our Mission Statement is simple: We Work for the People who Work. It means we love and respect hard work. We believe people naturally work hard. We believe in the value of work as a means of accomplishment, being part of a community, providing for family, and giving life more purpose. And we know people who can’t work because of an injury are genuinely at a loss. Through no fault of their own, they may lose a large part of their self-respect and purpose. It becomes a daily struggle to pay for housing, food and transportation. The struggle is made harder because so many people unfairly turn their back on injured workers. Maybe your coworkers blame you for not being there at work. Maybe your employer calls you a liar or a fraud. The insurance company that is supposed to take care of you makes you feel like a criminal. And they won’t return your calls, won’t send your checks on time, and won’t let you see the doctor or fill your prescriptions. Sometimes even your doctor treats you differently because you’re on workers’ compensation. We know what you’re going through. Our mission – our purpose – is to work as hard as you do. We care about you as a person – someone who was simply doing a job and caught an unlucky break which turned your whole world around. Nobody expects to get hurt – certainly no one wants to get hurt. Workers’ compensation can be a long journey. Are you getting the right medical treatment? Is your doctor listening to you? Are you waiting on surgery? Are all your injuries being treated? Are you receiving your temporary disability checks every week – on the same day? Are they reimbursing your mileage or providing transportation to the doctor? Do they believe you or did they send a private investigator out to spy on you? Is the workers’ comp nurse looking out for you or the insurance company? Will you get fair compensation for your injuries at the end of the case or will you get lowballed? What if you can’t go back to work? We listen. We have answers to these questions. We look out for you and no one else. When you retain the Samuels Law Firm, you can be assured we are totally on your side. That’s what it means: We Work for the People who Work.